Jon Muir

Jon Muir: Not So Simple.

Published on June 10, 2016

In Suzy & The Simple Man, you see another side of Jon Muir to that of intrepid walker, mountaineer and sailor but you can discover this for yourself when you see the film… And maybe it was just the mood I was in when we talked on the phone for this interview, but he made me laugh. A lot.  I wasn’t expecting that. 

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Suzy Muir

Suzan Muir: A 21st Century Adventuress.

Published on June 9, 2016


The day I interviewed Suzan and Jon Muir, co-directors with Ian Darling on Suzy & The Simple Man, I was at the Shark Island offices at Fox Studios in Sydney and they were at ‘Inanna’, their property in Victoria, preparing for a trip to the Kimberley’s in Western Australia.

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Ian Darling on Suzy and The Simple Man

Published on June 8, 2016

Suzy & The Simple Man was eight years in the making. Directed by Ian Darling, Suzan and Jon Muir, the film started as a modest work with the working title “Our Little Garden”. It was to be shot over a year but then something unexpected happened and it became a documentary with un-simple questions at the heart of the story.

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A Model that Works: Social Impact

Published on May 18, 2016

Good Pitch² Australia will soon announce the films selected for the final event in November 2016. It’s not that long ago since the inaugural event in 2014 when philanthropists and a coalition of partners jumped right in and backed six films: Call Me Dad, Constance on the Edge, Frackman, Gayby Baby, That Sugar Film and The Opposition.

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Kelrick Martin: “I don’t want to sound like a heartless tycoon…

Published on April 19, 2016

Kelrick Martin is the director of the award-winning, Good Pitch² Australia–supported film Prison Songs. The subject of the film is indigenous incarceration—but it’s not what you might expect. 

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Excellence and the Unexpected: Rebecca Barry (Part 3)

Published on April 4, 2016

The final part of my interview with Rebecca Barry, a producer of the Good Pitch² Australia 2014 film The Opposition. The film has been selected for the prestigious North American Hot Docs International Film Festival.  WATCH trailer below.

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Rebecca Barry: “Story is King” (Part 2)

Published on March 29, 2016

Welcome to Part Two of my interview with Rebecca Barry (to read Part One, click here), where we learn: story comes first, hosted screenings work and the successful distribution model that  Impact showed itself to be when I am a Girl was released locally and internationally.

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